— Established 1991 —

Omega Design Studio.

Hello. We make websites. And we've been making websites for quite a while. In fact, for pretty much the complete duration of the modern Web! In the old days it was pretty easy to put something together using off-the-shelf software and some spinning email gifs. But these days the web is a complicated beast and you're going to need a specialist. That's where we come in.

Indianapolis, Indiana

Content Management

A Content Management System (CMS) is a set of tools for managing all the content (and in some cases the structure) of a website. This allows the website owner to make most of the day-to-day content updates, manage page properties and even upload assets. This includes things like news articles or press releases, blog entries, an events calendar, or even store items or downloadable files. It's as easy as filling out a web form. The main goal of such a system is to create a dynamic website that can be easily updated anywhere by anyone with the proper credentials. No HTML experience necessary!

Omega specializes in powerful and customizable CMS-based websites. We find many of our customers need tools beyond just the standard blog. Perhaps more importantly our custom coded CMS tools avoid many of the wide-spread secuirty issues of some of the major blog platforms.

Custom Applications

Wordpress and tools like Shopify can provide a good starting point for a website, but often times clients will need something truly custom that can't be achived by a typical out-of-the-box solution. That's where Omega can help. We build custom website and web applications that run the gamut of industies and capabilities.

From scratch-built applications to websites that interface with existing systems & databases we've probably built something like it. We've designed inventory mangement and invoicing systems for things like semi-truck trailer leasing, large-scale SMS messaging platforms, financial and accounting tools, and student enrollment databases.


Omega has been building online commerce sites and solutions for almost as long as such a thing has existed. Our safe and secure platform and integration with some of the leading real-time credit card processors creates an easy and painless shopping experience.

Our e-commerce sites are designed from the ground up around your products and needs.

Responsive Design

Responsive design at it's core, is one website that will scale (and in many cases change) when displayed on different sized screens. Advances in modern web-browsers make this possible, and allow us to avoid making and maintaining seperate mobile and desktop websites. This is generally considered to be the future of websites and the focus of web development tools moving forward.

Because you're really designing two or three sites at once, responsive design requires a pretty deep understanding of how website elements work and interact. Omega uses a twelve-column fluid grid system to accomplish this and as a general rule develops most new sites using this philosophy. This, combined this with advances in HTML5 and CSS3, will allow sites to work almost anywhere and look good doing it!

Need a better example? Try dragging your browser window to different sizes while viewing this site.

SEO Optimization

While we don't specialize in Search Engine Optimization per se, our sites are built using current best practices that immediatly help your page rankings. Our CMS offers full control over meta data, as well as a dynamic XML sitemap and Google Webmaster Tools compatibility. Additionally our sites use symantic URL rewriting which provides more information to the search engines and have asthetic qualities. Plus our responsive sites are mobile friendly so you won't get penilized or excluded from mobile search results.

We work with several well respected SEO firms and can help facilitate a SEO plan that meets your budget and expectations.

Our Work

Omega has developed hundreds of website for a wide range of clients over the years. Please contact us for information about our recent projects.

About Us

Omega Design Studio was founded in 1991 by William Vernon. Leaving Eli Lilly's intranet development team, Bill established Omega as a full time web design studio headquarted in downtown Indianapolis.

Omega has grown since that time and now employs a staff of full-time designer and developers, with the experience and resources to meet almost any project requirements.

We are one of Indianapolis' original web design studios. Our partnerships with respected area marketing & advertising firms, and retention of key people & clients has kept us going strong for over 20 years.

Recently leaving the Arts & Design district of downtown Carmel, Omega continues it's tradition of being a community-centric and Indiana-owned business with a move to a larger office on the northside of Indianapolis.

Our clients range from huge multi-national corporations, to small non-profit groups, to local schools, businesses and youth organizations. Omega's timely and professional manner can be counted on no matter the size and scope of the project.